Kit Up!

The Dogs of War


Check out this video about dogs in Afghanistan.  :29 seconds in you'll see a dog named blondie sleeping next to a guy on a loaded SAW SLEEPING!! WTF over?

The only downfall of taking dogs on patrol at night (untrained ones) is that they can give away your position pretty easily.

My SEAL platoon had a dog in Afghanistan that we named "JDAM" (Joint Direct Attack Munition).  We were doing a RECON up north along the Pakistani border and had dropped thousands of pounds of ordnance on a target and out of the wreckage comes this little pup trotting along...and JDAM had found a home.  We kept him for 6 months and my friend Chris, now the 2nd SEAL astronaut, took JDAM home after our first tour in Afghanistan.  Another of our EOD guys befriended yet another fur ball and called her "CAS" (Close Air Support).  Not sure what happened to CAS.  One thing is for certain, dogs can sure do a lot for morale at home or overseas....Brandon

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