Tactical Lighting Solutions Wants To Replace the ChemLight


Tactical Lighting Solutions has developed a multi-function light that glows like a ChemLight but lasts a lot longer. The Lazerbrite Modular Lighting System consists of two twist-on/twist-off lights that attach to a translucent body. The LED lights come in six color choices, so you can have combinations such as blue/green, infrared/white, orange/yellow etc.

Each Light can be used as a stand-alone light as well. They come in a Single-Mode (on-off) version and a Multi-Lux (low, high and blinking) model. They run on two coin-sized CR2032 batteries and provide roughly 75 hours of usable light -- that's 150 hours per unit, TLS maintains.

They are also waterproof and submersible up to 50 meters.

The basic Single-Mode light kit -- which comes with two lights, a translucent body and extra batteries retails for $29.99. The stand-alone lights cost $14.99 each. The Multi-Lux light kits come packaged the same way but cost $39.99. A stand-alone Multi-Lux light costs $19.99.

Tactical Lighting Solutions also offers a range of accessories such as illuminating map cases and landing zone kits.

Here is a video of the Single-Mode version at Modern Day Marine 2011.


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