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Navy SEALs: Act of Valor


Bandito Bros productions is one of the few Hollywood production companies still keeping it real. The truth always comes out with the content and these guys aren't screwing around. I met one of the founders Scott through my good friend Billy Tosheff a few years back and he's solid.  I have some good friends in this movie, and I have to admit I got pretty fired up watching the trailer.  I thought you guys would enjoy.

You'll notice that the footage is straight up legit, the story lines are real and based off actual missions in the Teams.  This is rare in the Hollywood world of scripted reality TV.  For example, it's widely known by insiders in the Spec Ops community that the  The History Channel's Top Shot show is rumored to "fix" their competitions in order to drive ratings and create more drama.  I have a few friends that will not go on shows like this for exactly that reason.

Act of Valor= Real Operators, Real missions and Real Kit....doesn't get any better than this gents.  There's also some great equipment shots that you won't see in a typical Hollywood action flicks.

Enjoy the trailer and let us know what you think....Brandon

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