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First Look: Strike Industries Tactical iPhone Case


With more smartphones and iPhones hitting the battlefield these days, it makes sense that some of the tactical accessory makers might want to dip into the personal communication device protection market.

We've looked at Magpul iPhone case Mod. 1 and after a few months of using it, we ditched it in favor of one that didn't turn the phone on mute every time you put it in your pocket. We hear their newest version is better, but they're not showing us the love, so we haven't done a review.

Strike Industries is sort of Magpul-esque -- making smart accessories for your AR and 1911 (think grips and swivels). But they've just developed a cool iPhone case dubbed "The Battle Case" that takes another approach to smartphone management.


We got our hands on a couple of these bad boys and so far we're diggin' 'em. The loop at the end takes some getting used to -- the ergonomics of the phone change with the extended grip -- but the design saved us when the phone dropped into the "death slot" of the Kit Up! Suburbanator and we executed a tactical retrieval while still rolling at 60.

Strike did not have Kevlar inserts to demo with our review model, but for EOD bubbas or Joes prone to getting blown up, it could mean the difference between making that Angry Birds record and bricking the thing. Strike  says they're also working on a camera protector for the Battle Case.

We're sending a couple of these things down range for a combat eval and will get back with a more detailed review later. But for less than $12 bucks, this thing is more than just tacticool.

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