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Eagle Airborne Assault Pack


I've always been a fan of Eagle's products.  It's nice that they offer a lifetime warranty but, we all know what that's worth in the field....NOT MUCH. Good thing Eagle makes their gear to last.

I still remember full pouch failure (single stitched) on my Blackhawk M60 200 round pouches...a lot of good their warranty did me on a 20 click Recon as a SEAL 60 Gunner.......They may have improved their quality assurance program but, I've boycotted that company ever since and never looked back.

The AAP is a great pack from EagleOut Here-Brandon

From Eagle:The Eagle Airborne Assault Pack (E-AAP) body and exterior pockets are constructed of abrasion and water-resistant material.  The handle/connector strap is sewn to the top and all the way around the sides with 5 cord thread on a class seven machine.  The 1 3/4” Type 13 is the actual width of the parachute harness hardware, giving you a true, secure hook-up.  The connector straps are stowed under the side pockets with a webbing flap and a side release buckle.  The top also has ONE-WRAP Velcro® to hold the side release buckles out of the way when not in use. Heavy-duty YKK® zippers

  • All zippers have paracord pulls for noise suppression
  • All pockets and compartments are fitted with “O” grommets for drainage
  • “D” rings and webbing loops on straps for routing and attaching extra equipment
  • Fully adjustable sternum strap
  • Top of pack has reinforced holes, with a Cordura ® and Velcro® flap, for radio antennas and wire routing
  • The handle, which doubles as the parachute harness connector straps, is a 1¾”, 7000 lb. tensile strength, mil. Spec. webbing
  • All side pockets are fitted with 1” mil. Spec. Cordura® webbing and side release buckles for extra wear resistance and decreased buckle slide
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