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DARPA: Star Wars Next Generation Combat Vehicle


Combat Vehicle of the Future?

Looks like those crazy folks at DARPA are trying to partner with industry to build the combat vehicle of the future.  There aren't much in the way of requirements or funding information available on the street right now.  Kit Up will be watching for updates in the future and I'll keep you guys posted.  Out of all the R&D agencies DARPA actually does/facilitates some great work now and then.  Even though most the guys I've met that worked there can't put on a matching pair of socks...Read below for more.  We'd also like to hear your thoughts on what would make a kick ass future combat vehicle. -Brandon out.



Program Summary

The Department of Defense, The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Tactical Technology Office (TTO), has a requirement for a Fast Adaptable Next-Generation Ground Combat Vehicle.


DARPA's TTO mission is transforming the future of warfighting by pursuing high-risk, high payoff tactical technology and development of rapid, mobile, and responsive combat capability for advanced weapons, platforms and space systems.


The Fast Adaptable Combat Vehicle effort will seek to exercise META, iFAB, and capabilities in a series of design challenges of increasing complexity, seeking to leverage fab-less design, foundry-style manufacturing, and a crowd-sourced innovation model—and culminating in a complete design and fabrication of an infantry fighting vehicle in the span of one year.  If any of you guys can de-code these Acronyms extra points....-Brandon

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