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Danish Frogmancorps (Fromandskorpset)


I served with the Danish Special Forces in Afghanistan in 2002.  Other than some funky Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) equivalents they were a pretty squared a away bunch. In all fairness their MRE's rocked...nothing like hot fish stew at 12,000ft in northern Afghanistan!

I ended up training a friend from Afghanistan, and fellow Danish sniper named "Henning" in 2003. I ran him through our Urban Sniper course and he was locked on.  And man! Did we had some after hours stories that will not be told on this site..maybe never!!

A lot of the boat cast and recovery is probably simulating night ops.  It gets a little boring half way through but some good training and hostage rescue scenes at the end.

I'll continue to scour for some cool Foreign SOF stuff and post.  Anyway, enjoy the video. The Danes have a solid program as you can see. Also worth mentioning that the Danish Prince is actually a Frogman. Good on him....Prince Harry could learn a few things from him I suspect <<<After Edit: This last comment was meant to poke fun at Prince Harry..kinda like a joke but not as funny.  Apparently my dry humor is not taken to well....

Out here.-Brandon

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