Cyalume's New Glow In The Dark Dirt


Cyalume Technologies Inc., the maker of the venerable ChemLight, has a new light product that looks like dirt but glows when observed under NVGs. Intrusion Detection Infrared Traceable, or idIRt, is designed to be sprinkled on the ground to illuminate caves, tunnels or kill zones.

 You spread this out and it enhances your night vision. ... You can use it across a path or trail and if it's disturbed, you know someone has been through there, said Tom McCarthy, vice president of Government Products for Cyalume.
McCarthy showed off Cyalume's new product at the 2011 AUSA Annual Metting and Exposition.

idIRt will remain on shoes or tires to serve as a marker that friendly forces can use to identify a suspect, McCarthy said.

It's available in ready-to-mix packages. You combine the two proprietary components and it will provide IR illumination for 36 to 48 hours outdoors and up to a week indoors, McCarthy said.


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