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Interview with Jake Zweig of Top Shot Season 3 Coming


Former Navy SEAL and Top Shot participant Jake Zweig

You either Love him or Hate him.  Jake and I were in BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training) around the same time and he has a solid reputation as an ass stomper. 

You can buy the Jake Target from Next Level Training....still not sure about this-Brandon

My friend John Zinn and fellow SEAL Team 3 team mate was a BUD/S classmate and had nothing but good things to say about Jake as an Officer in Charge. While I know the SOF community always eats their own, I know guys that served with Jake on the east coast and also say he was a solid pipe hitting officer.  Regardless, he left the SEAL Teams on his own terms and has granted Kit Up an exclusive interview (time to be announced in the next few days).  I'm thinking of having this as a live and interactive interview to allow Kit Up members rare access to Jake.  This would let us ask him whatever the hell you guys want, including why he walked out on season 3.  Let me know what you think and hit the like button and spread the word. Out here-Brandon

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