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Book Look: American Sniper

Chris has 255 confirmed it's rumored he has two more in Texas from a couple of guys that tried to hold him up as he was pumping gas. 257 I guess....

Chris is a pretty humble guy and I'm sure he had mixed feelings about releasing his book American Sniper.  Like many guys, including myself, it's a tough decision to write a book because there's always some sort of backlash in the SOF community.  The decision is often based on leaving something behind for kids who turn into adults later in life and close family.

Like most books of this nature, sensitive events and names have been changed to protect unit tactics and active duty members.

I poured my guts into the SEAL course as an instructor because of guys like Chris and Marcus Luttrell author of Lone Survivor.  Guys like these (there are many) kept me fired up as the SEAL Sniper Course Manager during my last tour in the Teams.  During OEF we would get calls back to the school house from Army and Foreign SOF units asking us what the hell we were teaching our snipers.  They would explain how deadly and effective they were on the battlefield supporting their units. "How do we train our own snipers to this standard...". This was a common statement and we were more than ready to help out in anyway.

Chris actually had a bounty put on his head by Al Qaeda while he was in Ramadi. I'm sure you guys will enjoy his story and you can't argue with the facts, he has the most confirmed kills in all of the US Military branches and is a modern day Hathcock in my opinion.  I'm sure wherever Carlos is he's got a big smile on his face. I encourage you guys to check out the book.  Out Here-Brandon


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