AUSA: Situational Awareness With The L3 Rover 5 Handheld


There are a few hand held devices out there but the Rover 5 by L3 Communications System West is pretty cool and one of the better ones in our opinion.  The hand held system allows boots on the ground to get overhead data feeds from sources like Predator and other airborne platforms.  For those of you who have been forward deployed, you know how valuable it is to have an asset like this in the palm of your hand.  It increases your situational awareness on the ground and helps establish a valuable link if you are up the creek and need fire support.  Specs are below...Brandon.










Spec Sheet

  • Transmits and recieves on Ku-band, C-band, S-band, L-band and UHF (400-470MHz)

  • Data rates vary. Snapshot=200kbps, 400kbps and 44.73 Mbps, etc.

  • Video feed is analog, H.261, MPEG and MJPEG

  • Modulation is FM, FSK, BPSK and O-QPSK

  • Encryption=Triple DES, AES and Type 1

  • External Interface=USB, Ethernet, Audio input/output, power, and BNC external video input/output

  • User Interface=Menu-driven touch screen

  • Display= 5.5 inches

  • Weight: 3.5lbs

  • Battery life: 2-3 hours

  • Operating temp. Zero Celsius to Plus Forty Five Celsius


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