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AUSA: Jeep J8 Patrol Vehicle


The Jeep J8 at AUSA

Keeping with the spirit of next generation vehicles, for those of you that know, Jeep and AM General are in a cage match over the next generation military vehicle.  While this is big Army, Jack had a good SOCOM post back in July you can check out about Jeep vs. Flyer. I'm personally not a fan of the Hummer.  Big, clunky, expensive to repair and sticks out like a turd in a punch bowl in any Area of Operation.  I hated driving the Hummer when I was in Afghanistan and much preferred the Toyota Hilux four-door.  I got to check out Jeep's J8 up close and it's pretty bad ass.  It's also rumored that while the J8 has been making the circuit, the real Jeep contender and full specs are not going to be revealed until the very last minute.

I like that it has a diesel engine that gets about 30mpg, and from a tax payer perspective you save a massive amount due to the availability of an existing commercial parts inventory.  -Brandon out


Weapons Support and Vehicle Storage LPV can mount a variety of weapon support systems configured as follows: • Mounting plate on A-Pillar to accommodate swing arm and LMG • Mounting plate on rear tubular frame to accommodate geared traversing ring for LMG, HMG and 40 mm AGL • Universal ammunition storage: close to front weapon position and traversing ring operator • Storage racks fitted internally on the sides of the vehicle, aft • 6 lashing rings for equipment tie-down

Vehicle Structure A tubular frame is secured onto the 3-door vehicle chassis with flexible mounting bushes at key points to enable the vehicle chassis and frame to flex when operating over rough terrain. This tubular structure is the mounting point for many items: • Heavy-duty front bumper with mounting points for winch, driving lamps, IR lamps, tie downs etc. • Front wing, A-pillar, bulkhead, sill and driver protection bars fitted with: - Rear crew area support for traversing ring - Heavy-duty rear bumper with tie-down points and tow hitch • A factory-fitted Payload Enhancement Kit increases GVW to 3,864 kg (8,518 lb) LPV features 2 mesh seats and gunner’s sling, with height adjustment for driver and commander. Windshield can be removed to improve visibility. Soft top provided for transport and storage.

Engine VM 2.8 L (2,766 cc) 4 cyl, direct injection, common rail, turbo-charged, intercooled diesel engine

Jeep J8

Jeep J8

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