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Beamhit System by L3 EOTech


I had a chance to check out the Beamhit booth at AUSA and I have to say I was impressed with these little bad boys.  The fact you can align the laser sights to the native sights on the gun to get a solid zero is pretty cool.  This also saves time on the range and is an excellent training tool for the military and law enforcement communities.  They have some cool targets that pop down when hit'em and you can arrange them in all sorts of different sizes and configurations.  I was like a kid at a carnival with these things.  Also worth mentioning that the zero sight in system (with target) is very accurate and would make a great addition to any range training program. Pretty cool.  Out here-Brandon

Pulled off their website:

"The 130-1E Warrior Kit, built around the TR-700 target, provides the shooter with instant visual and audible feedback. The 130-1E Warrior Kit gives the shooter a portable, durable marksmanship training system. This self-contained marksmanship training system allows the user to operate the system anywhere without electrical power using standard “AA” batteries both indoors and outdoors or is powered through the included 110V power supply. The standard configuration allows the shooter to practice a variety of weapon-handling skills with most 5.56 cal. rifles and 9mm pistols (requires a minimum 2 inch barrel)."

Mini RETS System

"The 130 System uses L-3 EOTech’s MP400B Laser Transmitter and enables marksmanship training to be conducted indoors or outdoors. It provides the shooter with both instant visual hit counter and audible feedback. This system is built around the TR-700 target which operates on AA batteries or with an included power supply. The system comes with laser transmitter rods for use with most 5.56mm rifles and 9mm pistols (requires a minimum 2 inch barrel). A remote cable can be purchased separately to activate the timer and clear the hit counter on the TR-700 at a distance. The system can also be configured with 7 or 10 targets. "

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