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Art of Precision Rifle By Magpul


This video post caught my eye and although I'm biased as the former US Navy SEAL sniper course manager, I KNOW you guys will enjoy the footage as shooters. While I'm not familiar with the cadre in this video, from my perspective the instructors and footage are both solid.

My friend Dave forwarded this video to me originally and it's great to see some long gun footage that shows both distance and bullet trace. Let me know what you guys think. I'm thinking of taking a trip out to visit the CheyTac guys later this year to do some long distance shooting. Also love to get my hands on the Blaser 338 Lapua....

FYI-The key to making shots past the 1000 yard mark is understanding your ballistics. Environmental conditions (Wind,Barometric pressure,etc.), Coriolis effect (spin of the earth) and making good shots..consistently. Ballistic software and a good Chronograph reading are must haves. Out here-Brandon

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