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Ares Armor's new ASPIS


The Aspis is a new plate carrier from Ares Armor and distributed by Predator Armament. Designed to be lightweight and low profile the Aspis was designed to do two things: carry plates and mount modular pouches and shingles (which is, according to Ares, the whole point of a plate carrier). They claim it can be upgraded with shoulder pads, plate carrier silencers and a kangaroo mag pouch but are quick to point out in the product description that it will not “jettison you into space, get you accelerated fit-reps, replace basic training or win you a Nobel Peace Prize for something you haven’t yet done.” Presumably there are other things it won’t do either, but from the initial pictures it appears it will do everything it claims to do.

Note: if you happen to be Greek, a hoplite reenactor or a Greek philosophy major pursuing your lifelong dream of learning Greek philosophy to teach it to other Greek philosophy majors, then you know the Aspis is the ἀσπίς shield of phalanx warfare.

The Aspis will come in black, coyote, multicam, A-TACS and Olive Drab (and of course can be rattle-canned, if those colors don’t suit you or if you’re a closet hippie and want something closer to tie-dye). It’s made of 1000D Cordura, has internal/external removable cummerbunds, a drag handle, internal moisture wicking spacer mesh and of course the now mandatory panels of Velcro on front and back (because if it doesn’t have hook-and loop on it, it just ain’t tactical). It’s made in California (which is damn near like saying it’s made in the USA) and has a lifetime warranty. Matching webbing in one of the Gucciflages is another $10…OD, coyote and black all come standard with matching webbing. Presumably the other two have webbing that’s coyote or one of the standard colors unless otherwise specified.

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