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We Have a Winner! LAV Shooting Approach Contest


After some near misses and full-on whiffs, we have a winner on the question of what is the core of Larry Vickers' approach to marksmanship.

Our boy Stu writes:

Trigger control. You can have perfect sight picture, perfect stance, perfect, wind at your back, birds singing and if all you do i snatch you're still going to miss...On the other hand some of that other stuff can be off (and likely will be at the point when you need to use your gun) and you can still get effective hits.
Now, FormerSFMedic was close with the "El Snatcho" remark, so we'll work with him to get a runner up prize. So thanks to all who gave it a whirl...And Stu, we're sending out the hat today. Show Full Article

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