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UGC: The Czech BREN

We got a lot of traffic on the CZ805 post the other day and a lot of good comments.

This one from Konrado Witalec was good enough to be elevated as a post of its own. A good insider's view of the new rifle.

I've seen one yesterday (on MSPO 2011 as well). I've handled it for a while so a few thoughts: The weight is almost the same as SCAR with EGLM, so nothing to complain here. Ergonomics and handling - you could say it's a mix of SCAR and G36. Magazine realase (and the mag itself) is like in G36 (you can push the lever and the mag will drop free). The only way to realase the bolt is to pull the charging handle (which would be in back position, when the bolt locks). You cannot manualy lock the bolt in the back position, it is only possible with an empty magazine inserted (of course when not shooting). Regardless, the procedure is quick and efficient (I would say it's as quick as in SCAR or M4/M16). The stock is comfortable, as is the pistol grip. Fire mode selector could be a bit better placed.
Part of the strength of this blog is its insightful readers and relevant discussion. I think everyone appreciates this kind of view and when it's appropriate, I'll bring it up as a post of its own.

Thanks Konrado! (and that's his pic too)...

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