The 1911 is the M-16 of Pistols


Matt Cox and I had the chance to attend a Larry Vickers advanced pistol course at US Training Center in Moyock (the old Blackwater site) and had a great time sharpening our pistol skills, demoing some gear and meeting Larry.

One of the great things about the former operator and TV star is that he doesn't often hold back on his (strong) opinions. In this case, I told him about the poll we ran at Kit Up! a while back asking what you all considered to be the AK-47 of automatic pistols.

I mistakenly told him the results were that the Glock came in first, the 1911 a close second. But actually the 1911 was the resounding favorite of readers as the equivalent to the AK. Larry said that could not have been more wrong and demonstrated how ill-informed the poll takers were who selected the 1911.


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