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Tac Girls 2012 Ready to Deploy


More than thirty thousand calendars arrived at the Tac Girls Super Secret Tac Girl Headquarters a few days ago, in preparation for distribution to personnel in approximately 40 countries on 4 continents.  This13 months of beautiful women with (possibly more importantly) the weapons you wished you had. Among the cool guns inside (the firearms, guys): the Vanquish Short Action from Nemesis Arms, Steyr TMP, PWS Diablo, Barrett M82A1 and M&P9 with the Silencerco Osprey (again, not something made in our size).

We visited TGSSTGHQ (to use the convenient acronym) and learned a few things:

  • ·Girls who enjoy shooting are given preference in the model selection process over those who cannot (in fact, some of the models are competitive shooters and many are CCW carriers). When you get one, look at February and March—one of them owns and frequently shoots a bright pink Glock, the other is an avid shotgunner.
  • ·Roughly 10% of the profits go to various non-profit groups (like American Snipers) or into care packages going to Coalition troops overseas.
  • ·The DSPX (German military PX) carries the calendars at home and everywhere German troops are stationed abroad.
  • ·All weapons in the calendars are real and functional. No airsoft, no movie prop replicas, and the models frequently go out and actually use them to put lead downrange.
  • ·The models inside hail from all over the states, including Oklahoma, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana and Georgia. (The latter is married to a ballistic surgery specialist from Ft. Benning.)
  • ·They get help with the weapons and kit from a number of places and people, including a record holding Arm sniper, a former NSW guy and many former operators now in the tactical equipment field.
  • ·All would-be calendar girls must go through an extensive interview and background check before being considered.



If you want a Tac Girls calendar, enter KITUP01 for $3.99 off the regular price until October 1ST . Rest assured we will be reporting from future photo shoots and events.

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