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Review: TYR Tactical's Brokos Belt

I was a little skeptical whether I'd want to wear the TYR Tactical VTAC/Brokos Battle Belt for all three days of a Larry Vickers advanced tactical pistol course. Christian and I agreed to try out the Brokos belts on the course this past weekend at the US Training Center in Moyock (formerly Blackwater HQ).

I thought it might be overkill since this style of belt is made to stand up to the suck of combat conditions. But after I customized it with my holster and a few TYR pouches, I was sold on the concept.

The backpack-belt design distributes the weight evenly on your waist. It's wide cut and internal padding make the Brokos belt a rock-solid platform for your kit.

The VTAC/Brokos belt allows you to weave a gun belt over top of any of the sections of PALs webbing for mounting belt holsters or other kit more securely.

I found it convenient on the Vickers course because I couldn't walk to my truck whenever I wanted ammo or water. I could carry everything I needed on my belt. In addition to my three extra pistol mags, I found myself shoving handfuls of extra 9mm ammo into my dump pouch so I could reload on the firing line.

And while I still think the concept is a bit overbuilt, it was very comfortable to wear for hours at a time. It's also nice to be able to take off all of your kit and put it on very quickly.

Here's a video Christian put together showing the highlights of the VTAC/Brokos belt.


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