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Night Optics for Turning the Corner: Corner Shot 'NVG'


You may remember the Corner Shot Weapon System from Brandon's report back in April.  We've always thought it was an interesting idea and have been following the system since it was introduced. A couple of days ago we got a phone call from Joey Boswell of War-Sport Industries to let us know there's now a night vision camera option available, just recently developed by the Israelis. It replaces the camera on the front end of the pistol mount, at the end effector and can be switched out with whatever lens is already attached in less time than it takes to pull the new one from the carry pouch.

It’s manufactured in Israel, distributed in US by War-Sport, and uses digital NVG technology rather than analog (so it’s not green, like a PVS-14 but rather black and white). It uses a ccd camera vs. a fiber-optic coupler and while they admit it doesn’t perform terribly well outdoors, it reportedly performs very well inside. T & E results show that it allows good target identification and visual acuity up to approximately 40’ away.  (Though it’s digital, not analog, it will still pick up on IR sources and whatnot, just like the goggles most of us are used to.)

You can’t really tell standard lenses from the new NVG (the original kit comes with 6mm and 12mm attachments) because the housing and body style are all identical. Only the guts are different. Joey advised they’ve been using 40 mike-mike pouches to carry different lenses for different operational environments as they train with it and test with it in different facilities.

There’s no website up for the new attachment, right now the only ones in the United States are at the War Sport facility (which will be providing all Corner Shot service and support). You can direct questions or see pictures and video on their website, however, and at the Connecticut SWAT Challenge, which they recently sponsored.

You can also watch the Corner Shot in action on the Turn the Corner episode of History Channels “Top Shot”…which airs tonight at 2200 EST.

We're hoping to be shooting one soon, to try it out for ourselves. Cuz, you know, it's the Mad Duo that owns the night. We just loan it out once in a while.

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