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Cammie up your kid (Camo huggies, seriously)

Here’s one for you Kit Up! readers in the process of breeding your own QRF. Huggies is introducing a new piece of camo kit for your spawn. The new Limited Edition Huggies® Camo Diapers will be available at Walmart from September through November 2011. For every pack of Huggies® Camo Diapers someone purchases, they will donate diapers to Operation Homefront via the Every Little Bottom program (up to half a million). Operation Homefront is provides emergency assistance to military families in financial need. (Huggies, Walmart and Operation Homefront are also partnered up to host five large baby showers across the nation for expectant military wives whose husbands are deployed. You can find more information at, where you can also send personalized e-cards for deployed personnel if you’re so inclined. (Sadly, multi-cam, A-TACS and other Gucciflage aren't available, though some Tier 1 infants may qualify for AOR-1 and AOR-2.)

Limited Edition Huggies® Camo Diapers available now, supporting Every Little Bottom.

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