Big Zip Ties For Battlefield Bleeding


A former Navy nurse has designed a new combat tourniquet modeled after the classic zip tie -- which is similar to the Flex-Cuffs troops use to restrain detainees. Paula Holcomb, and her Marine husband, unveiled her inexpensive Cobra Tourniquet at Modern Day Marine 2011.

Holcomb came up with the idea in 2009 after seeing the U.S. Military issue tourniquet her husband Mike was packing for his deployment to Iraq. The former intensive care unit nurse thought she could do better.

The Cobra Tourniquet is one inch in width and wraps easily around appendages. The Nylon 66 material is stiff enough so it will stay flat against the skin and distribute pressure evenly. It's strong enough to hold 250 pounds, said Holcomb, the owner of Cinch Tourniquets.

We had two Marines, with full gear on, doing pull-ups off of one, she said.

The Cobra also has a built-in note space for recording the time and date it was applied.

The Holcombs are confident in the product but were quick to point out that is has not been through military testing. They are now talking to both the Army and Marine Corps with the hope of having the Cobra Tourniquet tested and blessed for battlefield use.

The Cobra Tourniquet retails for $20 and comes in Foliage Green and Coyote Brown.





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