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ST6 Loses Nearly 10 Percent in Afghan Crash


The horrible loss of 22 SEALs from the elite SEAL Team 6, as reported by the Associated Press, would mean that the secretive unit lost nearly 10 percent of its force of an estimated 300 operators. That's a crushing blow to the Teams and a horrible loss to the Navy and the American people if accurate.

Let's also not forget the loss of a reported three Air Force Combat Controllers, the baddest assed close air support experts in the world. Our prayers go out to the Afghan commandos who accompanied these assualters on their mission. You know that if there were some ANA troopers on this one, they were some of the best Afghanistan had.

It just reminds me of the time Ward and I went on an air assault with our boys from the 101st. Those guys hated flying into an objective on a Chinook, morosely joking that one RPG and the jig was up. My heart was in my throat the entire time on the daylight raid til we were on the ground.

The fact that this was the 160th and it was a night raid where this happens means the objective was hotter than hot. And if you're sending SEAL Team 6 in on an objective, then you know it's an very "H" HVT.

On the other hand, Kit Up! contributor Jack Murphy is skeptical that these were ST6-ers.

My shotgun analysis is that this wasn't a DevGru team but a standard 16-man SEAL platoon plus attachments, in this case a half dozen Afghan commandos, dog handler, interpreter, flight crew, and pilots.  It is highly unlikely that DevGru was working with indigenous soldiers, you hardly ever see Tier One units doing that.  That sort of work goes to Special Forces and SEALs.  Keep an eye out to see if it was a MH-47 or a CH-47 that went down, that may give you some indication.
Still a horrible loss regardless.

We're pulsing the grid for any RUMINT that could shed more light on this. It's in the initial stages of reporting and media outlets are scrambling for details. We'll bring them to you as soon as we can. And be sure to use the Tip Line if you have any gouge. Remember to keep our fallen comrades' families in your thoughts...

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