South Africa's Answer to the XM25 -- The PAW 20 Neopup


Looks like the South African arms industry has been busy developing something that's close to the capability of the XM25 Counter Defilade weapon.

The so-called Personal Area Weapon 20mm NEOPUP is an individual grenade-like rifle that is billed as a more accurate and lethal replacement for the venerable 40mm grenade round and various launcher systems.

Intended for infantry targets in open and behind cover as well as unarmored or lightly armored vehicles...Maximum range for the PAW is 1,000 meters for area targets or a group of Soldiers. Against point targets such as small vehicles or machine gun positions the maximum effective range is 500 meters.

Watch the video for sure and see how this thing works. While the XM25 is a Bullpup configuration, the PAW has an offset grip and can be easily fired off both the left and right shoulder. The company also says the weapon can be compacted down to just over 30 inches.

After reading Jack Murphy's excellent book Reflexive Fire, it seems to me this weapon might be a good option for mercs who can't get their hands on an XM25.


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