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No Cameras with the Bin Laden Taketown Team? Whatever...


Our sister site over at Defense Tech has been slicing and dicing some of the technology used my the frogmen who double-tapped UBL and ran across this request for quote from DevGru for cameras to outfit their K9s.

The contractor shall provide a a canine transmit and receive kit (1.0 — 1.5GHz) comprising of Transmitter/Camera Unit; including a battery and antenna. Includes Receiver includes battery and antennas. Six-way Battery Charger, Peli-Case, and user manual shall be included.

Now we already know that Cairo had a camera unit on his back, but we keep being fed this BS by the White House -- through the "definitive" New Yorker magazine article -- that stated "The SEALs were not wearing helmet cams, contrary to a widely cited report by CBS."


These cameras (Kit Up! was provided one by Contour distributor Daniel Defense) are so ubiquitous these days that even the "Tier Three" operators have them on their lids. You mean to tell me the dog got one, but the SEALs didn't?

I'm not sure why this ruse is being perpetuated -- maybe they want to keep the footage for the upcoming Kathryn Bigelow movie.

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