Military Working Dog Medevaced with Shot Paw


As some of you Kit Up! readers may have seen -- last week sent two of the editorial staff to Bagram, Afghanistan to look at the USAF's Aeromedical Evacuation teams and the various phases of care delivered to our combat wounded.

Thanks to the USAF's Air Mobility Command we caught a ride from Ramstein to JB McGuire / Dix / Lakehurst and I got the chance to chat with some of the flight crew about the things they've seen and experienced in their job.

It turns out that just two days earlier they had a very special guest on their C-17 --this military working dog is named Cujo and while the crew didn't know a lot of details about what happened to him they told me he had been shot in the leg a few days earlier and was given the same professional and competent level of care as his human colleagues during his med-evac. He is expected to make a full recovery.

Here's our latest video from the trip...


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