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Military Offers Custom Combat Uniforms


The Defense Logistics Agency has recently implemented a new program to provide cammies that fit like a glove.

Now, instead of cramming into an off-the-shelf ACU or swimming in extra fabric, you get get a custom tailored job of the same thing.

Got long legs? Or a barrel chest? Or big guns for arms? Having trouble finding an off-the-shelf uniform to fit your body type?

The staff at Military Clothing say, "no problem!"

Through an agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency, Military Clothing specialists can special order any uniform to a servicemember's exact measurements.

"The way the Special Measurements program works is a lot like visiting a tailor shop," said Tech. Sgt. Larry McCoy, the Air Force Program Manager for Military Clothing at the Army and Air Force Exchange Service HQ.

The measurements are then sent off to DLA for production. Typical lead times are six to eight weeks. When the item is complete, it will be available for pick up at the store where it was ordered. Prices are the same for both Special Measurement and off-the-shelf uniforms.

So now it looks like tailored uniforms aren't just for dressy occasions anymore... Show Full Article