MARSOC Crye Uniforms Not Holding Up


In an update to Jack's post on the new Marine Corps Special Operations force Crye combat uniforms patterned in woodland camo, an operator in the zone sent us some pictures and an AAR on their performance.

While our reader is an admitted "die hard fan" of the Crye uniform, he tells us that the stitching that holds the stretch points together isn't holding up.

We were issued one set of crye a few weeks prior to deployment. As far as they go, there is a mixed bag of feelings on who likes them and who doesn't. In regards to the design, it is excellent, the strech points, knee pads, additional pockets, etc. But in terms of durability, they are a little lacking....Whatever material was used for the stitch around the "strech" points binding to the actual camo pattern fabric, was very week, and guys were getting major sized holes after only 2-3 missions in country. So many have gone back to the standard issued woodland fieldpant. ...

Die-hard fans of the crye design, like myself, constantly take, or tailor the crye pants on our own time/own dime. So this ONE pair that we get issued gets taken to the tailor following every one or two missions (as seen in the seat of the pants picture attached). Or the man just trys his hand at needle and thread, and attempts the repair on his own.

According to our source, the material used in the Marine version of the uniform is lighter than the standard setup issued to SF and SEALs. He posits that it's the material that's just not holding up and said it was the Corps' call on the material, not Crye's.

He also forwarded some issues with the knee pads and insert design...

A lot of guys like the "regular" issued pants because of the breathability of the knees. The crye kneepads get terribly hot, and often are taken out once a team gets "firmed" up. Also, a lot of kneepads go missing following inserts and patrols through the farm fields. Either the plant stocks rip them out, or a knee is taken in soggy mud and the kneepad becomes suctioned off.
I'd be interested to hear whether Joes are having the same issue with their combat pants (I know the 101st was testing out a new model last year) with the knee pads being too hot or suctioning off.

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