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DIY Combat Shirt the MARSOC Way


As an addition to Jack's post from yesterday, our MARSOC friend in Afghanistan writes that his guys have hit on the DIY combat shirt idea in that zone as well...

When the ANA went from woodland to digital a few years back, we did the same -- ditched the woodland that was issued at the beginning of deployment and went with our standard green Marpat, because it was similar. Guys have been making "FROG" type woodland tops for forever.

Take the issued blouse and an earth colored cotton/ "underarmour" shirt and have a local national tailor sew one up for you. The tailor is paid by the guy who had the shirt customized, not the US gov't. Depending what fob/cop/etc this process usually costs around $30-$40 USD...(money EARNED by US troops, going into the local afghan economy).

Just goes to show that necessity is the mother of invention...and that the resourceful Afghans will always find a way to make a buck where there's a need. Show Full Article

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