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Tyr Responds to Natick Pack Design


Kit Up! reached out to our contacts at Tyr Tactical -- which has been making a pack for almost two years that's very similar to the one touted by Natick as an example of their "rapid prototyping" capability -- to see what they had to say about the news that the Army lab had developed a machine gun ammo-carrying pack oddly similar to the Tyr MICO.


In his usual humble (diplomatic) way, Tyr president Jason Beck applauded Joes' intuition and said the company stands ready to support a larger buy if needed.

I was asked by a Special Forces end user if I could create a COTs (Commercial Off the Shelf) piece of kit that would enable the operator to carry 500+ rounds of 7.62.  This concept has been done in some basic versions (old Alice pack from and an ammo can strapped on – i.e. Jesse Ventura, Predator) but guys we talked with wanted a modern, reliable, lightweight version that really ran, so we made it.  As you have pointed out already I released this product at Modern Day Marine in 2010 last year and again at AUSA in Washington DC and at this year’s SHOT Show where in all showings it has received a ton of obvious attention.

No, I have not been contacted from anyone at NATICK asking about our COTs product and, yes I wished we would have had a chance to receive a call to show our system, especially since we have a fully developed system that we designed specifically for the SOF community, but again my feelings are if the guys are getting the right gear then honestly in the long run, that is really all that matters.

This sort of cribbing off others' notes is not new, but as one KU reader wryly stated "there's no honor in Nylon"... Show Full Article

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