Kit Up!

Turn Your Glock into an Uzi

It's like two guns in one.

New from Command Arms, makers of the Roni pistol-carbine conversion kits, is the latest in the line of Glock accessories: the Roni Recon.

The new drop in conversion kit turns your Glock into a subgun with forward grips, Picatinny rails and lighting tool mounts. The Recon is a bit shorter than the Roni G126, which has a telescoping stock and turns your Glock into an "assault rifle."

The New RONI Recon (RONIRG1) Pistol housing converts your Glock to a weapon with a longer sight radius and a two handed weapon control.   Add any optic on the 9.5 inch rail that runs the length of the RONIRG1. The ergonomic design will provide a heads up sight picture for improved target acquisition. The strategically placed rear sling swivel will let you add our one point sling (OPS) for added stability while engaging targets. Add a set of our front and rear (FFS / FRS) flip up sights for additional target acquisition. The included side rails will let you connect your favorite light or laser.
We've had a couple opportunities to fire the Roni and it sure is a hoot to turn a pistol into a pretty accurate rifle and now subgun with a simple drop-in housing.

One thing to note is that buy putting your Glock into the Roni, you're converting it into a weapon that requires a special license. And at $349, it's not a cheap investment (but sure less than a new weapon).

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