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Tactical Tailor's CQB Sling


Kit Up! recently received a T&E sample of Tactical Tailor's CQB Sling with a Daniel Defense EZ Carbine swivel attachment point mount.

First impressions are that while the CQB sling is a really simple design with robust materials that will withstand a lot of abuse, the 2" webbing can deliver some serious chafing on transition drills and the overall length of the sling is too long to help stabilize your weapon when its in your shoulder.

The Daniel Defense EZ mount is awesome -- well made, easy to install and ambidextrous. It attaches right over your carbine's stock tube (for an adjustable stock) which means you don't have to do any disassembly to install.

We'll be taking the Tactical Tailor CQB sling to the range in the next couple weeks to give it a run, and we'll update our review once we've put some rounds on target.

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