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Strategos and the Secutor PEL-6


A company that many (including myself) see as an innovator in low light fighting techniques has developed a new flashlight that promises to eclipse their previous incarnation.

New from Strategos International is the Secutor. It’s not their first. They helped develop the Gladius, if you remember that one, one of the very first if not the first strobing light designed specifically for fighting. At the time it was considered by some to be the cutting edge of illumination technology…or a gimmick, depending on who you talked to. Of course, lots of flashlight companies make strobing lights now, which is probably a vindication of some sort.

I haven’t yet tested the PEL-6 Secutor with the “LedWave”. This isn’t an endorsement or a paid advertisement. No strident spokesmen will be interrupting the newest episode of Glee (the one you won’t admit you’re watching) to bark its virtues. I’m looking forward to trying it out though, and frankly it’s just because Strategos developed it.

The CQB Flashlight Has Evolved! So they tell me anyway…120 Lumens upgradable to 275, intuitive electronics, functions that can be activated with one hand. No morse code tapping of the end cap, no trying to figure how to program the light. Switches accessed by tail cap rotation, a lock-out system to prevent inadvertent light discharge (that’s always embarrassing eh?), activation designed to be easy under duress…its designed to be superior to its predecessor with regards to unintentional battery drain, damage resistance and programming the light.

I’ve heard the words evolutionary and revolutionary many times before in the context of new or improved tactical and tacticool equipment. I’m skeptical the Secutor is that much better than the competition, I confess it…but nowhere as much as I should be. I’ve seen what Strategos can do.

Christian and I are both going to be putting this light through its paces over the next couple of months. We’ll see if it lives up to my expectations and let you know…hopefully my confidence won’t be misplaced.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: I will be heading to Strategos International for a Low Light Techniques course in early August and will have info on the course (including video) and how the Secutor performs.]





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