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SORD Armor in A-TACS


For those of you who're jaded by the whole MultiCam obsession, Predator Armaments now offers the Special Operations Research and Development Releasable Variable Armor Carrier in A-TACS.

The Variable Armor Carrier (VAC) is the most versatile carrier in the SORD armor carrier range. It can be worn as a plate carrier offering protection to the front and rear, cutting weight and profile. With wings and soft armor inserts added they incorporate the plate carrier set up into a full armor carrier. The sides can be added or subtracted as the user requires. The side wings can hold soft armor inserts as well as small hard plates.

With the single jettison handle, quick system cut-away is achieved in emergency casualty access, maritime / aircraft accident, WMD decontamination situations. The four cable jettison system activates much faster and more effectively than previous designs. Mil-spec mesh material has been used as the backing face to reduce weight and provide breathability of the armor in hot environments to avoid mildew build up. Sagging of the cummerbund has been eliminated with the addition of a fold-over Velcro sandwich on either side that transfers weight on a vertical axis as opposed to the older standard Velcro wrap that peels off under weight.

Kit Up! is pretty into the A-TACS pattern, since it seems particularly suitable for urban operations and high mountain zones. We've heard that the folks who developed A-TACS have four camo patterns in the cooker for the Army's Phase IV program -- and they're not just slight variations of the current unique colorway. Show Full Article

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