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LoF Gloves and the TEGS Grip

One of our friends works in the narcotics enforcement world up in Oregon. After a half dozen black-and-tans the other night he started gushing about his Point Man gloves from Line of Fire…claimed were the “best thing since peanut butter.” Now, we were skeptical. There’s really not much better than peanut butter, in real life or an MRE. Also, frankly, we’re a little leery of anyone from Oregon—there’s a story behind that, one that began in a dive near Ft. Polk, but that’s a story for another time.

Anyway, gloves, like bullets and beer, are often a point of contention. Everyone has a preferred brand, caliber or brew. We’re no different, but to be honest…these gloves may just be as nifty as he said. Designed with the assistance of none other than Ken Murry (the same guy who helped bring you the FX Marking Cartridge, the Simunition Training Program and Training at the Speed of Life), they’ve been out since SHOT of ’09 but have evolved since then.

If you’ve never heard of Line of Fire Grip Systems before, they're from Force Multiplier LLC of Huntington Beach, CA. The concept of the whole line is centered on TEGS (Technologically Enhanced Grip System). TEGS is a proprietary material (LoF is the only company using it) that provides an extremely secure grip without the abrasive feel of hook-and-loop, sticky residue of some grip tapes and the like. LoF has it lining the palm of all their gloves, and they provide more of it in sheets or strips so you can put it around your light, halligan, rifle mag, whatever.

Point Man gloves come in two versions, one in Nomex/cowhide/goatskin, one in ribbed nylon/cowhide. The TEGS material by itself gives you a substantially enhanced grip (the precise numbers and percentages are actually spelled out on their website), even when wet. You can then add some of the material on your kit to leverage that advantage on your gear. There will be integrated products like rifle and pistol grips available soon (note that you can put it against bare skin one without issue)­­­­­.

What our brother grunts do with it in the privacy of their own hooch is their own business.

There's a video on their website here if you want to check it out. We may be visiting their home office in Huntington Beach. If so we’ll get you some more information and a look at what else they’re doing.  If you decide you want a set, enter BTAC when you check out so they know you’re coming from Kit Up! and you’ll get a 15% discount. (All gloves come with a 36” stretch of TEGS tape to wrap our entry tools, lights, batons or whatever.) Show Full Article

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