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Field Expedient Sniper Positioning: the DAG Strop


One of the guys from American Snipers has developed a piece of kit that simply and effectively addresses a need for field expedient long

Field testing the Strop on the range with fifties.

gun setup. We’ve seen guys use big hooks screwed into the sides of trees, socks filled with rice under the buttstock and of course the top of a dropped ruck, but the DAV Strop fills a niche in there nicely

DAG Strop in vehicle door.

It’s a simple kit in a modular MOLLE/PALS compatible pouch you can wear on your LBE, attach to your drag bag, throw in your ruck, whatever. The DAG Strop is set up between improvised hard points to rest the weapon and steady the shot in hides or locations where the utilization of a bipod is impractical or impossible. It can be adjusted for both elevation and width.

“The idea is that we use the 1” for tie off or use of the over hand knot to hold in a door or window,” advised David Agata, the developer of the DAV Strop. “It’s designed for easy one-handed adjustment. We made several quick videos showing the tie off points, how to use the loops and how to reduce the size of the tie off ‘ears’ for gross adjustment. You can use this thing in the woods, set back in the shadows of a house, in the door of a helicopter, back of a surveillance van, wherever, and we’ve made provision for weapon safety retention.”

Agata is a career police officer who now conducts tactical training for specialized specialized units

of the Department of Homeland Security and continues to assist with sniper courses across the country. He is a longtime part of the American Snipers organization and a genuine devotee of their mission. More on the DAG Strop here, here or here.

Agata, 2nd from left, at SHOT's American Sniper fundraiser.




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