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DevGru Setting up a 'Q' Shop


It looks as if the Navy's top counter-terrorist outfit is setting up its own little Bat Cave. A tipster sent over this little solicitation that seems to indicate Dev's very own Maj. Boothroyd wants to work some customization magic at the compound.

The government is seeking to purchase a CNC Machine with the following characteristics (not all inclusive): An integral water tank with air ballast water leveling system (constructed of steel), cutting access from at least 3 sides, forklift tubes to allow for positioning, two (2) trolley gantry, integrated PC/software/monitor, settling tank and sump pump, ethernet interface to allow for the transfer of large files and designs, equipped with NC geomate CAM software, installation / set-up and on-site training on the machine and software for 5 days, the entire CNC machine should be designed for heavy duty use, 500 pound hopper for abrasive materials, fully programmable abrasive feeder and dispenser.
The solicitation uses a lot of MultiCam nomenclature, but we're talking industrial machinery, not camouflage.

We're totally intrigued by this request, though unsure how common this kind of thing might be for such an elite group. Making custom pouches, weapons parts, mounts and clothes? Any industry readers here -- we'd love to hear what you think this CNC machine could be doing for them...a jet pack maybe?

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