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Chinese MultiCam or Brit MTP Extras?


Take a close look at the above photo provided by the Air Force in its announcement that the service is fielding MultiCam uniforms to its ground pounders in Afghanistan.

A couple of folks have pinged us about the strange brown squiggle in the pattern of the blouse (which is weirdly placed over the protective vest for the shot). According to our sources, this specific pattern is not a part of the official MultiCam screen being used for US uniforms.

It is, however, present in the new British Multi-Terrain Pattern which replaced the venerable DPM.

So did the Air Force get some Brit material because Crye and other US suppliers are hammered with Army orders (and Australian uniforms as well)? Is this some cheap Chinese knockoff sold to the USAF unknowingly?

We're doing our own investigation, but any reader help here would be greatly appreciated.

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