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Checking out Big Guns with the Tac Girls


We’ve spent time on the range with a number of interesting people but have yet to go loud with any of the Tac Girls.

Yet.  But we’re working on it.

A lot of you have probably owned or at least seen one of the Tac Girls calendars. They’re now going into their fifth season and have calendars in on the walls of garages, range towers and COP hooches around the world. We’ve personally seen one hanging inside a CH-53 over the PI. They do a lot for morale and for select military charities.

Erin going loud; she likes her range time.

We recently had the chance to attend a Tac Girls 2012 calendar shoot. We thoroughly enjoyed it, but not just for the reasons you think. Yes, Erin Banks (you might remember her from the Chey Tac 408 poster) is smokin’ hawt. We expected that. What we didn’t expect was an intelligent, technically proficient conversation about LBE, weapons and optics with the Tac Girls staff and Erin herself. These guys were worried about lighting and backdrop of course, but were equally concerned with such details as properly indexing magazines and keeping fingers off the trigger.

This isn’t always easy due to “space” limitations. The girls aren’t very large to begin with, and they don’t wear nearly as much kit as your average grunt so there’s just not much real estate available. Less tactical nylon means a smaller loadout (though that’s not a Bad Thing in this case, as we see it).

Speaking of LBE, though they use props from a number of manufacturers, Tac Girls use only Tactical Tailor kit for their shoots. This is a loyalty issue. Back when they got started, TT were the only ones willing to support them. They’ve been strictly Tactical Tailor users since (same sort of thing with their headsets and throat mics and  such -TEA supplies all their Gucci commo gear).

As for Erin (on the cover of the 2010 calendar and featured in 2011), she enjoys range time with her husband and has a concealed carry (Glock 26, if you’re curious). For this shoot she carried a SA58 OSW from DS Arms, brought by Bear Beam Firearms, with a CQBSS Leupold mounted up top. (We’ll be writing more about Bear Beam in the future, FYI, they’re doing some cool things with suppressors). She’s on Facebook (tell her we sent you) and appears at various gun shows and conferences like SHOT. This is often in support of American Snipers. Tac Girls has supported American Snipers since 2008, raising thousands of dollars for them in the process. This year at SHOT, for instance, their fundraiser paid for’s APO/FPO shipping for the year.

We’re going to be attending additional calendar shoots in the future, to keep you up to speed. Please give Erin a shout, we're pretty sure Richard broke her heart.

We just feel like it’s our duty, and that you'd want us to do it.

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Mad Duo Clear!

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