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A-TACS in Transformers 3


Not sure how much the dudes at Digital Concealment Systems paid Hollywood to feature their new camo, but let's just hope it was money that changed hands, not any other currencies trading in show-biz circles...(totally kidding, BTW)

We got a note from our friends who developed A-TACS camo that their pattern was sprinkled throughout the fighting scenes of the newest summer thriller and latest installment of the popular Transformers franchise. While MultiCam may be more popular with troops actually slinging lead downrange, A-TACS sure makes for some visually futuristic imagery on the Silver Screen. Interestingly, Josh Duhamel's character wore MC in the last first Transformers movie.

So bravo to DCS for their placement!

And in case you haven't seen the movie yet (I haven't), be sure to check out the review from our friends at Tactical Fanboy.

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