TIE Tactical: Custom Sheaths for Fixed or Folder


Paddle sheath for a folder.

One of the things we really liked from the Blade Show was a line-up of custom kydex from industry newcomer TIE Tactical. Kevin Robinson’s Tactical Innovation Engineering makes sheaths for fixed blade and, unusually, folding blade knives (as well as magazines, flashlights and other pieces of kit). Not everyone will feel the need to carry a folder on their belt of course, but we quickly saw the potential here—especially if you want to carry multiple knives or want something more secure than a clip hooked to your pocket.

TIE sheathes are for right- or left-handed, upright or upside down carry, at any cant, with your choice of paddle, belt loop, Tek-Lok or MOLLE. They have two retention levels: the molded design itself and a proprietary kydex lock that works like a snap. He sells many for belt carry, but we really see the appeal this’ll have for guys who want another knife, cigarette lighter or whatever on their chest rig. You can add stippling to the safety for added traction.

Belt loop carry, flashligh/folder combo

Belt loop carry, flashligh/folder combo

Kevin advises he already has sheath molds for the most popular knife styles, but will happily fashion one for pretty much anything if you ship him the item to measure (one of our team has sent a .38 speedloader and PT 2L to wear off duty; another is mailing him a Zippo and Multi-Tasker for his plate carrier). He’ll also make double sheathes if desired and will give group discounts.

We saw quite a collection at his table and there are many more pictures on his website. He had a Benchmade Bone Collector-Novatac flashlight combo and a Lum, MercWorx Atropos and Kershaw 7000 Auto by themselves. There were many other combos but you get the idea.

Just a few of the rigs TIE makes.

Just a few of the rigs TIE makes.

Once he’s built the mold it takes about week and a half to manufacture the sheath. You’ll want to coordinate ahead of time so your stuff doesn’t sit in his shop while he works on other orders.

TIE works strictly first come, first serve, except for military personnel preparing to deploy—they go to the head of the line. Tell you what we’re waiting on—he’s building a snuff can holder you’ll be able to do about anything but HALO with. As many times as some of our team have lost track of their Skoal in the field, that’s going to be a must-buy.

Let us know if you have something that requires our discerning eye and scalpel-like wit.

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