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Sweet Small Arms App for the iPhone


If you have an iPhone and you're into weapons, there's an app for that. I stumbled across Modern Weapons - Small Arms (Encyclopedia of Guns) in the Reference section of the AppStore, and I have to say -- it's workin for me.

For .99 cents, you get a handy little guide that covers common types of small arms from pistols and rifles to hand grenades and man-portable SAMs.

I like it because it offers pretty accurate specs (so far) on infantry weapons that are seen in daily news coverage of Afghanistan, Libya and other fun-filled places.

It provides info on more than 600 weapons across 11 different catagories. The thumbnail pics on the specs pages are small, but the app also provides additional photos that are usually larger and show more detail.

There's also an option that links to YouTube videos of the weapon if available.

Another nice feature marked "Locate" allows you to type in your zipcode for gunshops and shooting ranges in your area.

Of course with most information found on the web, you need to be cautious. But I have yet to find a gun reference that's free of small mistakes -- and that includes many gun manufacture websites.

If anyone else out there has found other worthy gun apps, please share them with the rest of us.

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