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SF Snipers Dig Tyr Rigs


Sure I was at Bragg to learn about SF snipers, CIF team members and the overall Army Special Forces lay of the land these days, but hey I like gear just like the next guy...and fortunately the sniper school instructors do too.

I picked over all their rigs and one of the things that popped out was this web gear rig with some attractive accoutrements.

One of the lead instructors showed me his Tyr Tactical COMA Sniper Harness and the costumized pouch setup Tyr had designed for them.

The COMA MSS Sniper Harness is an extremely lightweight versatile load carriage platform that was developed with the direct feedback from US Special Operations Snipers.  The COMA features TYR’s uniquely designed low profile shoulder harness that allows for exceptional load carriage and comfort.  The Lower Back Panel is easily adjustable for the height of the wearer and has additional padding for lower lumbar support. The Lower Back Panel also has a low profile storage pocket to provide additional space for food, batteries, etc. that are essential but not immediate action items that can be accessed when not wearing the harness actively.
I spoke with Tyr's top honcho Jason Beck about his sniper gear and he told me that he likes to work closely with the SF sharpshooters and CIF door kickers on refining his designs. He has what he calls a "combat development trailer" that he brings with him to Range 37 and sits with the instructors on their down time to literally hand make the kits.

The COMA rig is super light, really comfortable and ultimately configurable, the snipers said. It was their go to rig for all their field evaluations and held their Glocks, mags, water, ballistic computers and radios. In all fairness, though, it's important to note that Beck did provide 16 sniper instructors with free sample rigs.

One of the instructors I spoke with also raved about his Pico plate carrier. Beck said the COMA has been designed so that the harness cummerbund can mate with the Pico, so you can interchange the rigs if you're going hot.

The Lower Back Panel allows for the adjustability and removal of the cummerbunds so that the harness can better fit the operators needs or to be removed and fitted to the PICO Plate carrier. The cummerbunds that are already set up for your load carriage can be simply removed from the rear of the COMA Harness, remove the buckle kit and stored in the Lower Back Panel and placed on your PICO Plate Carrier.  This allowed for less overall weight to be carried and the ability to expand or contract your load carriage needs based on the mission requirements. 
Jason was kind enough to send me the list of the sniper loadout on the COMA. He also said that any Kit Up! readers who want to shop with Tyr can receive a 15 percent discount using coupon code: kituptyr11.

SF Sniper Instructor Loadout:

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