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Revision's Vipertail Revisited


Back in April, you'll remember Matt Cox's review of the new "wear around the FOB and use on a mission" ballistic shades offered by Revision.

He was disappointed by the design and felt the price was a bit too high for what you got. Though both he and I trust Revision implicitly -- their Sawflies are awesome and have proven they work great in the field -- the Vipertails seemed a base hit to us, rather than a home run.

I, however, left open the possibility that my impressions might change if I took them to the field. And, in short, my opinion has done a 180.

After spending a week in the blistering heat of Fort Knox, Ky., during a live fire training cycle with a Navy Riverine det on the Salt, I saw just how effective and comfortable the Vipertails are. As I mentioned in my previous add to Matt's review, my one gripe with the Sawflies is that the rim of my ACH perfectly rests on the frame of the glasses, forcing a lot of the weight of the helmet into the bridge of my nose.

This is magnified by the addition of NODs during night shoots.Ugh...

But I found that the Vipertails fit perfectly and didn't push up against the rim of the helmet. And what they lack in styling with their "I'll be back" cut, they make up for in glare-cutting acumen and sun retarding strength. No squinting under these bad boys.

So, consider me a Vipertail convert.  For semi-styled ballistic protection in a sun-drenched environment, these shades are just the ticket.

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