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New Optics Getting a Look from Troops


Rapid Reticle’s new CQLR-1 appears to be gathering a following in Afghanistan. From what we’ve been able to tell there are some PSCs, elements of 1-134 CAV and a couple of SOF units putting the optic through its paces in Afghanistan and so far opinions seem favorable.

CQLR on the range in Afghanistan.

The CQLR is a 1-4x optic you range within the scope. At 1x it’s a reflex sight with small center reticle but the whole tree pattern is used to aim. According to Rae Pride, at 4x a shooter typically limited to 300m yards of effective shooting to hit targets consistently out to 400, 500 even 600 meters. “It gives every individual soldier much more effective range,” she advised. “The brackets to the right of the holdover line help determine the range just by the relative appearance of the enemy’s head; at 100 yards a combatant’s head will fill the crosshairs, making range estimation obvious.”

The CQLR is most commonly used on 5.56mm platforms like the M4, though it’s been deployed on shorter barreled 7.62mm weapons like the SOCOM. It’s also in operation on some SCARs, though we were unable to get our hands on a picture. Either way, Rapid Reticle suggests the CQLR is effective for most Joes and Janes out to 600, after which other optics would be better employed. Shooting out to 600 yards requires no manual adjustment, and it allows for windage corrections up to 10 miles per hour. There’s also an illumination feature that for low light conditions.

One thing we find interesting is the way some shooters are dual mounting the CQLR with the SOPS Compact, putting the latter on the forward end of the optic at a side angle. Apparently these guys are patrolling with the CQLR set at 3x or 4x power and just canting the weapon to 45° and using the SOPS Compact when they need to engage someone up close and personal. (The SOPS Compact will dual mount ACOGs and other optics if the appro

CQLR on patrol with host nationals.

priate mounting pieces are used.)

In addition to US military personnel, law enforcement agencies (including Orange County Sheriffs Department and LAPD) are evaluating both optics for use with police units. The militaries of Australia, Singapore and Japan are now shooting the SOPS Compact and some Coalition SOF units are reportedly testing the CQLR-1.

We’ll be testing them both ourselves soon and will let you know what we think.

More on PFI's Rapid Reticle optics here.

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