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Masters of manufacturing innovative accessories at reasonable prices (but are they reliable?) EMA Tactical has introduced a new version of its countdown magazine that injects a little TSA logic into the equation.

Unlike their previous model that literally shows a rotary countdown wheel with the number of rounds, their new Three Window Mag takes that idea and makes it a bit simpler. Instead of having to squint in the heat of battle at a little number at the lower end of the mag, the TWM gives a sort of "Green, Yellow, Red" indicator of your ammo capacity.

When the magazine is full the operator will see the brass round casings in the top and middle windows. The follower will appear in the bottom window indicating a full magazine of

As rounds are fired, the operator glances at the middle window. When the middle window is empty only

Then the operator glances at the top window. When the top window is empty only

This three window system shows that when the middle window is empty the operator has 2/3rds or fewer of the rounds remaining and when the top window is empty only 1/3 of the rounds remain in the magazine.

It sounds a little complicated but it basically shows a high, middle and low window indicator that easily lets you what you've got -- right in your site picture, rather than on the side of the mag. Show Full Article

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