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IMINT: First Sign of A-TACS Camo?


While we were looking for an illustration to go with yesterday's story about an Australian camo pattern to be developed by Crye, we ran across the picture above that shows an Australian Special Operations Task Group operator providing some village overwatch.

But when the eagle eyes of said editor looked a bit closer, we noticed the Aussie commando was wearing something that looked suspiciously like a TAG Sentinel pack in Blue Force Gear Overlord pack in Advanced Tactical Concealment Systemcamo.

Kit Up! loves the A-TACS camo and we know they're tinkering with some different colors to potentially play in the Army camo hunt. It's a pattern that's been said to blend uniquely in urban environments, but as you can see from the picture, it seems to work darn well in the mountains of the Afghan winter.

We're also big fans of BFG and their packs...

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