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Escape the Wolf: Personal Security on Assignment


Hi everyone-

Sorry for going dark for a few weeks, I've been working my day job and finishing up writing assignments I was on deadline to complete and I'm finally up for air.

Given the complex and dangerous world we live in today I wanted to share a book a good friend wrote regarding personal risk mitigation.  Clint and I served together in the SEAL Teams and he has since gone on to do great things inside the government security world. His book has been in print for a while but is gaining major traction outside government and I know that several major news publications (WSJ included) are putting his security philosophy to work. I've read it cover to cover and have given copies to anyone I care about that travels. This is directly applicable to the warfighter and I would definitely recommend the book for anyone else who travels internationally. Read it and be the Sheepdog!  Enjoy.  -Brandon

The Book

Escape the Wolf mitigates risk by preemptive threat assessment, recognition and avoidance for companies and government agencies whose employees travel internationally. Business is global. Escape the Wolf delivers an end-to-end solution to keep employees safe and aware of travel risks no matter where they are in the world.

Blend into the local culture more effectively using these insights on cultural practices, traditions and customs. In Escape the Wolf, travelers learn how to recognize, assess and avoid threats ranging from common crime, illness, natural disasters, corporate espionage, or even terrorism using Escape the Wolf’s proven Total Awareness℠ System.

  • learn how to avoid being a “walking target”
  • gain new confidence when venturing into unfamiliar territory
  • identify, avoid and minimize threats, and learn how to escape from threatening situations
  • know the key steps to take before you even set foot outside your front door
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