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Dual Laser Grips for Glocks


Crimson Trace is releasing a new dual can laser for Glocks, as they’ve done previously for Sigs and are working on for Berettas. This is good news for those with a practical need for both infrared and visible red lasers (an admittedly “niche” group of top tier operators and high end mall ninjas, but useful nonetheless).  We’ve used single can LG-417s separately in visible and IR so we can definitely see the potential.

The LGD-417 is in the final stages of testing and should be available any day now. From the spec sheet it appears to be largely identical to the LG-417 though it’ll have two master switches. It will fit 3RD Gen Glock 17, 17L, 19, 22, 23, 31, 32, 34, 35, 37 and 38.

Hopefully the D retains the simplicity of its predecessors. We mounted and adjusted an LG-417 in less than three minutes.  Fine-tuning it on the range (we zeroed ours at 25) took longer, mostly due to fumble-fingered over-adjusting. Small changes to elevation and windage go a long way (this is clearly stated in the directions, which we’d have known if we’d read them).

Installing the laser grip was quick and easy.

Zero held true once set; we went through six magazines without any creep. Not the punishing, trigger-finger-blistering, gritted-teeth type of evaluation some steely-eyed snake-eaters might prefer but we ran out of time (it was topless karaoke night at our favorite establishment so we knocked off early). Even zeroed at 25 we had no appreciable difference between PoA and PoI out to the 50.

The only problem we had with the single can was a consistent tendency to cover the laser emitter with our trigger finger. Both of us index high along the frame and we had to make a conscious effort to drop it a fraction so the emitter wasn’t blocked. Though easily corrected with a little practice, we do wonder if high thumb shooters will have a similar problem with the left side laser on the dual can. We’ll check it out as soon as we get our hands on one and let you know.

Overall: we like it. You're cleared hot to getcha one.

For more info contact Michael Langley,

In addition to the strong hand momentary switch, there's a master on/off switch. Visible or IR, the laser can be concealed by raising the trigger finger to a high index above the trigger guard.

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